Thanks to the support of many friends we support a free primary school in which we  try to provide modern and quality education with all the information about ancestral wisdom. All the information about our educational project "The Wiñaypaq intercultural School" can be found on its own website:

Located in the district of Pisac, in the peasant community of Huandar, in the Sacred Valley of the Cusco; The Wiñaypaq Intercultural School provides free and quality initial and primary education to 80 children of Quechua and mestizo origin from different peasant communities.

Intercultural education is an opportunity for children from the native cultures to acquire a solid base of learning about their own culture and then be able to include beneficial contributions from other cultures. The children are learning to read and write, science, using new technologies and languages without having to give up their culture of origin. Instead they learn to use this new knowledge as a tool to strengthen and bring positive changes to their families and communities

Everyday Life - Permaculture 

Besides this we promote productive activities with the participation of the learners themselves and their parents in the fields of Arts, Natural Food Bio, Traditional Medicine and Music. We published a educational game based on the old inkas drawings named "Tokapu". We make stamped polo shirts with drawings made by children and also granola bags full of coca flour and other native ingredients and jars of peanut butter and chocolate for breakfast, etc.


The isntitution is being finances thought donations from individuals or groups of people. So far we don't have any kind of stable financing from institutions, foundations; NGOs, etc.

In 2014, due to an urgent need for funding, we created the 1st Medicine Music Festival with the objective of raising funds for the school. This event is consolidated as a bi-annual event in 2016 with its second edition, in order to maintain the continuity of the school