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The four altars is a book written with the intention of helping you to walk from the unreal to something a little more real, from theory to practice, from speculation towards science; To imagine peace, happiness and fulfillment, to live it. It will help you find other levels of understanding, other readings about the apparent and unique "reality". Finally, it is the attempt to transcend living by dreaming a better world to begin to create it”

"It is enough for a single contact, a single moment to rise to the altar of the heart, so that in all certainty you know where you want to direct your energy for the rest of your life."

. "Conscious evolution begins when everyone understands that we are the only beings responsible for the growth of our love and our consciousness. Mechanical evolution consists of what nature did for you, conscious evolution begins when you discover what you can do for Nature, including your own." "If you seek consciousness at the end you will have true happiness, if you seek only happiness you may never find consciousness”.

“Although the ultimate truth lies entirely in the heart of every being, the mind through its mental patterns still exerts a very great influence, shifting consciousness as the driver of your destiny. The purpose of this book is to help you understand the mechanics and dynamics of your mind to achieve awareness”.

“Your true power insists that no one can force you to think in a way you do not want. Even if they are billions of people thinking differently and contrarily the quality of your truth may be enough to shine on millions of lies”

 “One of the main contributions of this work is to provide you with the tools so that you can measure yourself to those who intend to teach you”.

The Four Altars PDF

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