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Ayahuasca Ceremonies


The Ayahuasca ceremonies are held at our headquarters in Cusco (Taray) on the days indicated on the agenda. To participate in a ceremony it is necessary to complete the registration questionnaire to assess if the experience may be favorable for you and if your intention is compatible with our work.

This space is held to share the benefits of Ayahuasca medicine within a true tradition. Ayahuasca is a sacred plant used for thousands of years by the people of the Amazon basin to cure their illnesses, acquire knowledge and develop consciousness. Physical health comes largely from emotional health and ideological health. Without knowing it, we carry in our subconscious an immense and useless suffering that in the long run can deteriorate our health. Ayahuasca teaches us to free ourselves from all that subconscious suffering. Sacred plants are a true path of self-knowledge that gives us the opportunity to experience other levels of consciousness and daily happiness with no other limit than the one we are willing to accept.

The main focus of our work is to facilitate the use of master plants for the evolution and development of consciousness, teaching people to observe their emotions and thoughts so that we can then free ourselves from the mental and emotional patterns that do us so much damage and that in the long run create so many diseases. This is not a shamanic or neo-shamanic project, but the fruit of the experience of its founder after walking the path of master plants for 45 years. Our main objective is to help the awakening of consciousness and self-awareness so that the participants can clearly see the necessary steps for their own growth.

The suggested collaboration is 400 soles (check the change soles/dollars in case to pay in dollars). If it's in your possibilities and you want to support our work, we appreciate you being able to consciously offer a larger contribution between 120 and 150 dollars. In special cases, collaboration may be adecuated to the person's needs.

Traditional Diet

The diets are take place in any of our two centers with previous coordination. 

The diets on the amazon rainforest are scheduled on the area of agenda.

The diets on the Taray center are scheduled by sending us an email.


The diet is part of the traditional training of any Ayahuasca apprentice. But they are also part of any healing process on the amazonic medical system. Basically it consists of a retreat in which the person takes certain master plants and the participant abstains from ingesting certain foods and substances during a defined period of time. 

During this time. the participant stops eating salt and sweet in all of its forms, as well as any substance that contains any kind of oil and any kind of fruit, or any kind of soap, detergent or chemical substance. Ideally it’s done under isolation without human contact except with the person who is in charge of taking care and providing the food.

Our diets range from one week to three months long, depending the necessity of participants. 

Pared de concreto

Recommendations for the Ceremony

To participate in the ceremonies it is necessary to refrain from eating red meat, seafood and alcohol at least a week before the ceremony, or much better, for the rest of your life. The day of the ceremony you can only have breakfast and only ingest liquids (herbal tea o water) until the ceremony (5pm approx.). The ceremony lasts for about 5 hours and the next day the recommendation is to fast until midday and after that to not eat meat, dairy products, irritating spices, lemon, garlic, onions, spicy foods and synthetic or artificial food. We suggest this diet as a cleansing and purification to arrive at the ceremony in the best possible conditions. Ayahuasca is a Sacred Medicine that helps us to grow our consciousness and should not be used solely as a purgative or emetic. On the other hand, we recommend this cleaning to take better advantage of the experience and medicinal properties of the plant. Regarding the diet the day after, the medicine remains working in the body in a subtle way, in addition one is left in a very sensitive state and it is not advisable to eat inappropriate foods that abruptly interrupt the work. Ayahuasca is incompatible with most chemical medicines and can cause serious problems for those who consume them, so it is imperative to inform them about its use in advance. The work during the ayahuasca ceremonies is very serious and delicate, because although it is personal work, we affect and are affected by the experiences of the other participants. Therefore, absolute silence and calm must be maintained during the ceremony. (Do not make any kind of noise). For thousands of years many people have been cured thanks to this ceremony and despite being a very intense experience it is not necessary to lose your calm or disturb the other participants in the ceremony, so a personal condition of maximum respect is required and good behavior during the ceremony is required. Although it is true that participants can ask for help at any time, it is good to know that the moments of greatest intensity are temporary and that we can all cope with them. The ceremony is carried out inside our temple, for which it is a commitment of the participants to remain inside it except to go to the bathroom, returning as soon as possible. Participants must commit to staying in the ceremony space until the ceremony is formally concluded. We recommend staying seated during the ceremony and not lying down because ayahuasca also acts as a relaxant and there is a risk of falling asleep and waking up confused or scared. On the other hand, the physical cleaning process that manifests itself with vomiting must be done consciously, otherwise it can be very dangerous, so we insist on maintaining a good posture. It is also important not to consume any other type of substance or sacred plant during the ceremony, you cannot smoke tobacco or use rapé except with express permission. Women who are within their menstrual period can participate without any problem, but they must notify at the time before taking the medicine. It is also very important that people who consider themselves sensitive to all kinds of substances notify us. We beg as a demonstration of conscience and respect to clean the containers that were used to vomit (if applicable), and to leave the place they occupied clean and tidy. In Peru this ceremony is sacred and perfectly legal, however we recommend discretion, especially with people unfamiliar with this experience. Although the ayahuasca ceremony has been performed for thousands of years and is considered a safe experience under normal conditions, it is not without risk as our bodies are contaminated with dangerous substances consumed through food and pharmaceutical products. On the other hand, the great need that people have to get closer to this sacred medicine has led to the increase in low-cost ceremonies guided by people without adequate preparation, which can cause serious problems for physical and emotional health. In our center we carry out ceremonies with a maximum of 20 participants, thus guaranteeing proper management and monitoring of the experience of each one.


Here you can find the calendar of our activities worldwide


There are no ceremonies or activities on the program.


APRIL 2024

- Friday, April 5:
Ayahuasca Ceremony with Gareth
- Friday April 12:
Ayahuasca Ceremony with Alonso
- Tuesday April 16:
Ayahuasca Ceremony with Alonso
- Friday, April 19:
Ayahuasca Ceremony with Alonso
- Friday, April 26:
Ayahuasca Ceremony with Alonso
- Sunday April 28:
Ayahuasca Ceremony with Alonso
- Tuesday April 30:
Ayahuasca Ceremony with Alonso

from April 12 to 22
(includes the ceremonies of the 12th, 16th
and April 19) (FULL)

JULY 2024

- Friday, July 5:
Ayahuasca Ceremony with Gareth
- Friday July 12:
Ayahuasca Ceremony with Gareth
- Friday, July 19:
Ayahuasca Ceremony with Gareth



- Friday, February 9:
Ayahuasca Ceremony with Gareth
- Friday February 16:
Ayahuasca Ceremony with Gareth
- Friday February 23:
Ayahuasca Ceremony with Gareth
- Tuesday, February 27:
Ayahuasca Ceremony with Alonso

from February 27 to March 8
(includes the ceremonies of February 27, March 1 and 5)


MAY 2024

- Friday, May 24:
Ayahuasca Ceremony with Gareth
- Friday, May 31:
Ayahuasca Ceremony with Gareth

10-DAY DIET RETREAT in the JUNGLE from May 20 to 30
(includes 3 Ayahuasca ceremonies) (FULL



-Friday 2nd of August:
Ayahuasca Ceremony with Alonso
-Friday August 6:
Ayahuasca Ceremony with Alonso
-Friday August 9:
Ayahuasca Ceremony with Alonso
-Tuesday August 13:
Ayahuasca Ceremony with Alonso

MARCH 2024

- Friday March 1:
Ayahuasca Ceremony with Gareth
- Tuesday March 5:
Ayahuasca Ceremony with Alonso
- Tuesday March 12:
Ayahuasca Ceremony with Alonso
- Friday March 15:
Ayahuasca Ceremony with Gareth
- Tuesday March 19: (FULL)
Ayahuasca Ceremony with Alonso
- Friday March 22th:
Ayahuasca Ceremony with Gareth
- Friday March 29:
Ayahuasca Ceremony with Gareth

from March 10 to 24
(includes the ceremonies of the 12th, 15th,
March 19 and 22)

JUNE 2024

- Friday June 7:
Ayahuasca Ceremony with Gareth
- Friday June 14:
Ayahuasca Ceremony with Gareth
- Friday, June 21st:
Ayahuasca Ceremony with Gareth
- Friday June 28:
Ayahuasca Ceremony with Gareth



There are no planned dates.



Fill out the following registration questionnaire

indicating the date you want to participate.

IMPORTANT: fill out the questionnaire in an exhaustive and detailed way. Please don't hide any important event about your life and health situation. This is very important for us to take care of your experience.

Inscription Questionnaire

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Actress, audiovisual artist and psychotherapist

“Gratitude is the closest word to explaine everything I feel. The diet was a true change of paradigm. Dieting helped me to embody and develop absolute confidence in life, to let myself live and make decisions, to maintain a state of being on a day-to-day basis, to live in the "here and now", to continue with constant personal work. It's an enormous privilege to have had the opportunity to feel the embrace of the jungle."



"The ceremony with Ayahuasca has brought me a lot of clarity and healing, it has allowed me to give new meaning to life and release emotional burdens.
Alonso's medicine music makes it a very loving and expansive experience."


Emergency doctor and psychotherapist

“For those who are serious about this work, who walk this path with respect and care, the way Alonso holds the diet space is unparalleled. His understanding and the way he explains the work has so many layers, it will resonate deep into your being as you unravel the big questions about life and everything. A year later the lessons I learned still stay with me as I try to integrate them into my life, and I am looking forward to my next dieta."
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