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The movie The Four Altars it is the return to the path of sacred art, of art as a means of healing.

Using the powerful tool that is cinema, we want to direct our attention to issues of vital importance:

- The first, the urgent attention that Amazon and the planet need against the over-exploitation

of resources through deforestation and gold mining;

- The second is the transformation of consciousness through sacred plants and ancient wisdom

hidden in rituals such as the ceremony of the four Altars.

More information about the movie:

The Four Altars - Official Trailer

Our character: Ana Terra, represents an ordinary person like you or me who wants to be happy, trying hard to achieve it but putting the energy in the wrong place. In the search for our well-being, we feed (for inertia) a system that is becoming more and more distorted and distances us from our essence.

Our story: On an unexpected trip to Peru, Ana discovers the universe of sacred plants, generating a profound transformation in her vision of life and her priorities. Highly sensitized by knowing the Amazon, she witnesses the ecological crime that is committed there every day and decides to do everything on her part to change it.


Respect for the planet, for plants and all living beings is the engine of this project.

Los Cuatro Altares was filmed in three countries with first class actors and a high level production that will surprise you. It is a truly independent film, not only financially, since it was financed entirely by people from the world of medicine, but also ideologically, since it directly questions the "mainstream" and the path that they want to impose on us.


That is why it is important that you be part of this cinema movement that creates awareness.

Help us spread it so it doesn't get lost and be buried by millions of movies that degrade us. ​

Be part of the change! Our isolated effort is not enough without the support that your energy can give it.

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