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Bahuaja Conservation Area

The Bahuaja Conservation Area is a 132-hectare piece of land located on the Tambopata River in the department of Madre de Dios in the Peruvian Amazon dedicated primarily to the conservation of the Amazon ecosystem and related projects. In it we carry out diets, retreats and workshops. Our facilities were built with 90% reclaimed wood (naturally fallen trees). It was a big cost overrun but now we know it was worth it.


We have 2 wells from which we extract pure water through solar pumps. All the electrical energy in the place is photovoltaic and it is our goal that in the near future we will change the outboard motor to gasoline -that transports us to the area- for an electric outboard motor, cutting all dependence on oil and reducing our carbon footprint carbon to ZERO. 


With the aim of making our food also carbon neutral, we grow a wide variety of crops in-site, such as plantain, cassava and other tubers. We also have avocados, cocoa, pineapples, coffee, papayas, coconuts, lemons, sugar cane, guava, camu camu, mango, carambola, arazá, noni, moringa, anona and other exotic fruits, all grown organically. We also have a significant amount of ayahuasca, tobacco and coca planted as well as other medicinal plants. It is good to see with your own eyes what is happening in this hidden but very important place on the planet.

OTHER PROJECTS in the conservation area


The Bamboo project seeks to disseminate the planting and use of bamboo in order to reduce the pressure on the felling of primary forest. Our intention is to provide bamboo seedlings to promote bamboo planting projects in the more than 40,000 de-forestes and contaminated hectares as a result of mining. Bamboo is a magical plant. Its easy adaptation to different environments, its rapid growth and its many uses make it one of the most unique and amazing plants on our planet.

The most relevant advantages are:

  • Counting in the short term (5 years) with a noble and resistant material capable of replacing wood in the construction and furniture industry, thus reducing the demand for wood and consequently avoiding the destruction of the Amazon forest.

  • Secondly, it is capable of absorbing 30% more CO2 from the atmosphere than any other species in the plant kingdom, thereby contributing to reducing greenhouse gases that cause global warming.

Some uses of bamboo: Human food, architectural structures, furniture, construction material, musical instruments, textile fiber, animal feed, baskets, mats and other types of fabric, mat boards, cables, brush handles, chopsticks, cellulose, paper, medicines, etc. In addition, this self-sustaining project will create many decent jobs, both in its cultivation phase and in its transformation phase. Nature gives us once again a plant, capable of helping to solve our serious mistakes.

“Repowered Module Project”: Experimental project that tries to quantify the economic value of an area of primary forest to which some species of greater commercial value have been reintroduced with the aim of promoting conservation among local people.

"Medicinal Plants Project": This project seeks to gather and cultivate in a small area the main medicinal plants present in the Amazonian ecosystem.

The Conservation Area is a sanctuary for mineral, plant, animal and human life. It is a space where human beings can live in harmony with all the kingdoms of nature and evolve.

The Bahuaja Conservation Area does not receive funds or aid from the Government and/or institutions

and it follows to be sustained only thanks to the activities of Ayahuasca Ayllu and donations.

If you want, you can help us keep this beautiful piece of the Amazon alive thanks to a donation.

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Bahuaja Eco Village

Cielos azules


The BAHUAJA Conservation Area has 132 hectares, 100 hectares are intangible (only dedicated to the conservation of primary forest) and 32 for multiple use. In this space we focus on materializing the project of creating a self-sustaining community, based on the reduction of negative impacts on the environment and thus reducing the ecological footprint as much as possible. We propose a model of life based on caring for people and the environment, where the basis is the relationship of respect for our land and everything that lives on it, regenerating the place where we live, seeking the best way to take advantage of natural resources and creating responsible and respectful forms of human relationship in daily life.

Cielos azules


The community project will be developed on land owned by the non-profit association IGLESIA DE LA AMAZONÍA (Church of the Amazon)' (IGLA) recently created for this purpose. The land is located within the space of the Bahuaja Conservation Area located in the jungle of Puerto Maldonado, in the Madre de Dios region, Peru. The total size of the conservation area is 132 hct of which 32 hct are going to be used for the community project. The land has fluvial access from the city of Puerto Maldonado. From one of its ports (50 minutes by road from the city of Puerto Maldonado) you take a boat that arrives at the land in approximately an hour and a half. Peru is one of the 12 most biodiverse countries in terms of genetic diversity, species and ecosystems. It ranks fourth worldwide (hosting 70% of the planet’s biodiversity) and ninth in endemic aspects. These figures are mainly due to the Peruvian Amazon, within which the Madre de Dios region is part of the Manu Biosphere Reserve, declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO, which is rich in biological diversity, the result of millenary evolutionary processes. It is divided into three provinces: Tambopata, Manu and Tahuamanu. Ecologically, it presents 13 life zones, all dominated by variations of humid and rainwater forests, and transition areas between these. There are three types of climate in Madre de Dios: “Sub-humid and warm”, “humid and warm”, “very humid and semi-warm”. In general, the region receives large amounts of rainfall, especially between October and March, and has temperatures between 32o C and 18oC; it rarely drops below 13o C or rises below 36o C. There is an acceptable amount of mosquitos that over time become almost imperceptible or tolerable. However, the space offers the best conditions for food production and housing construction.

Cielos azules


The first goal we have is to build the first communal module. On a 1hct lot we want to build four cabins and a communal kitchen/ dining room in the center. We have bamboo (guadua) to carry out the constructions and we hope to receive some collaborators to support in design and techniques. · The intention is to leave one hundred hectares permanently intact to conserve the biological and cultural diversity of the Amazonian tropical ecosystem. · In the remaining thirty-two hectares, the aim is to provide a space for the implementation of permaculture/regenerative life models (we still do not know the number of people who could accommodate the land). · It is our goal that in the near future we will change the gasoline outboard motor - that transports us to the area - for an electric outboard motor, cutting off all dependence on oil and reducing our carbon footprint to ZERO. We are also interested in exploring biogas options. · Our food is also zero kilometres, we have small crops but we have a special interest in continuing to plant bamboo, cocoa and lemons for commercial purposes.

Cielos azules

Why and for what?

The ecovillage project is looking to reunite a group of humans that are looking for a life in which we are able to respect the laws of Nature and human Evolution. We believe we are on a historical moment in which we are presented with two paths: One that will make us more and more dependent from technologies, corporations and governments, and another one -without discarding the good things that technology brings- orientated to walk side by side with nature respecting all forms of life. Science and technology are the new powers that are running the world, and they are impulsed mainly for profit and not in service to humanity. Its been a long time since they stopped responding to the true human needs. We have been deceived for many decades about what's the main objective that they are actually pursuing. We have been warning for many years about the path that humanity is following, and it is not precisely the evolutional and consciousness path, but the power of money expressed through media, social media and entertaining, have accomplished to create a fake reality that has conditioned the mind of millions and millions of people. The technocratic main objective is achieving the absolute submission of all the individuals to their interests and having total control at all levels, destroying all human values that do not conform to their purposes. We believe that the choice of living not only respecting but loving nature is a decision that no one can take away from us. Freedom is part of the essence that makes us truly humans. After we lose these, the human being would degrade himself, becoming an automaton, a machine without the right to question or dissent. It is very clear that in this time, two camps have formed with a diametrically opposite vision: 1) The camp of the corporations, the technology moguls who dominate institutions such as the OMS, UN and all the media who are the ones in charge of disseminating, ridiculizing, desauthorizising, or ignoring anyone who disagrees with the official version, difaming them with epithets such as disinformators, deniers or conspirators. They have an “evolutional” proposal based on the predominance of technocracy, artificial intelligence, virtual life, allopathic medicine, robotization and “transhumanism”. 2) On the other hand, are the people that with arguments and right information reject that proposal that goes completely against Nature and the human being. We look for a life in balance between technology and nature. It is really hard to believe that suddenly thousands of scientifics and medical specialists from countries all over the world have suddenly turned crazy as they try to alert the world about the sinister plans that threaten our future. Human beings risk their reputation, their prestige, their work and even their freedom in order not to be accomplices to the coming catastrophe. However, all of them are considered as desinformants by the official media and censored by the official media in the main social networks. We’re gonna keep raising our voice in all the available media warning about the dark plans, but we also believe that this can be an invaluable opportunity to go back to our roots, our essence as human beings and promote a truly sustainable lifestyle. It is really hard to predict what the outcome of this confrontation will be because for those who have plans to enslave humanity, the tremendous apathy, naivety and lack of motivation of millions of people who have already been manipulated and brainwashed for decades plays in their favor.

Cielos azules


The development of the project is planned in stages: 1. Team formation 2. Organization and infrastructure 3.Sustainable models for generating income The project is currently in its first stage of development. The first stage of the project consists in receiving all the information in the requests of the interested parties in order to create a first group of people who can lay the foundations of the community. The emphasis of the second stage will be placed at the level of organization and infrastructure. The start of the third stage will allow the expansion of the project, making it possible to receive a larger number of people as soon as possible. *In terms of infrastructure in Bahuaja we currently have: A larger house equipped with: · Kitchen · Dining room · Bathroom · Community room There are also a total of 13 cabins built: · 5 double cabins with private bathroom · 8 individual cabins without bathroom There are several dry toilets near the cabin area and access to Amazon jungle trails, including 1.3km. shore (Tambopata River). *Regarding the current infrastructure: 90% of the materials come from reclaimed wood within the area (naturally fallen trees) and bamboo grown on site. The water comes from two deep wells and is extracted by means of solar pump equipment. Later it is filtered for consumption. Black water is treated through biodigesters and gray water through biofilters. We used ecological cleaning products. Solar panels provide lighting and charge electronic devices. All the electricity in the place is photovoltaic. We do not have any type of cattle on the land (only native and protected fauna). There are medicinal plants as well as small crops of around 24 edible species (all organic), which are complemented by the purchase of preferably regional products when necessary. Composting of organic waste and recycling or reuse of inorganic waste is carried out.

Cielos azules


The first phase of the project will require a very specific profile of people in terms of skills both adaptation to the environment and construction of infrastructure agricultural work and maintenance. People with skills in carpentry, bio construction and construction with bamboo or people who want to get involved in the creative process and can contribute financially to hire the required services; People with experience in permaculture and marketing of organic products. The possibility of forming a support group of people who may not be able to immediately join the project in person but wish to support the project in various ways and can enter to live in a second moment is also contemplated.


Do you want to join to the community? Answer this Questionnaire to be part of the Eco Village.



Nuestro correo de referencia para este proyecto es:


Church of the Amazon

The Church of the Amazon is founded on the idea that there is a divine principle that manifests itself as existence, consciousness and love and that it is our responsibility to recognize, respect and celebrate divine intelligence in all its material, organic, psychological, social, systemic and cosmic manifestations. Our objective is therefore to re-establish the sacred cult of Mother Nature, recognizing our responsibility and the importance of each of our interactions with nature and all living beings, promoting human evolution in harmony with nature, promoting and practicing all way of life and practices that support ethical and healthy forms of development.

We believe it is important to reassess and disseminate the ancestral knowledge of native peoples and knowledge that helps people to become aware and develop awareness, as well as to investigate and incorporate all scientific advances and discoveries that help us better understand nature and live in a different way more aware.

The Church promotes and supports all of Ayahuasca Ayllu's projects and all kinds of activities that go in the direction of conscious evolution: conservation projects, ecological initiatives, community projects, research, sustainable technology, festivals, workshops, audiovisual projects, among others. The Church is a non-profit association that allows us to have legal representation as an institution.

Wiñaypaq School

Located in the district of Pisac, in the farmer community of Huandar, in the Sacred Valley of the Cusco; The Wiñaypaq Intercultural School provides free and quality initial and primary education to 80 children of Quechua and mestizo origin from different farmer communities.


Intercultural education is an opportunity for children from the native cultures to acquire a solid base of learning about their own culture and then be able to include beneficial contributions from other cultures. The children are learning to read and write, science, using new technologies and languages without having to give up their culture of origin. Instead they learn to use this new knowledge as a tool to strengthen and bring positive changes to their families and communities



Besides this we promote productive activities with the participation of the learners themselves and their parents in the fields of Arts, Natural Food Bio, Traditional Medicine and Music. We published an educational game based on the old inkas drawings named "Tokapu". We make stamped polo shirts with drawings made by children and also cereals bags full of coca flour and other native ingredients and jars of peanut butter and chocolate for breakfast, etc.


The institution is being financed thought donations from individuals or groups of people. So far we don't have any kind of stable financing from institutions, foundations; NGOs, etc. In 2014, due to an urgent need for funding, we created the 1st Medicine Music Festival with the objective of raising funds for the school. This event is consolidated as a bi-annual event in order to maintain the continuity of the school.

To receive more information about the school you can visit the website, follow the school on Instagram, or get in touch at

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